HOW TO KEEP BASIL GREEN after you cut it! Prevent basil from turning black! I have discovered the trick!





So I researched the internet, cut lots of basil, then cut more, basically stripped my herb garden of all the basil! I had read that cutting basil was bad and it’s better to tear it. But even when I tore it it turned black and sometimes I want a boatload of basil and don’t want to get arthritis tearing it! Plus I get bored easily and like shortcuts- a lot! I did everything from coating the leaves in oil, cutting with the thinnest knife etc etc- The edges of the chiffonade still turned black after a few minutes! Then when I read that it’s the reaction of the stainless steel with the oils in the herb I thought to use a ceramic knife along with coating the leaves in EVOO (extra virgin olive oil). It totally works!!!

so bottom line to keep basil green is:

don’t cut ibasil right after washing it- it should be completely dry- you should just wipe with a damp towel or dip in water and blot
coat leaves in oil
stack leaves and roll up like a cigar
thinly slice with a ceramic knife-no steel!
and you have a beautiful, green basil chiffonade for a long time!

I had it out for an hour and it was still green- did not turn black at all!

I guess when they used a mortar and pestle back in the day they never had this issue, so if you make pesto and want it to stay green that would be the
way to go, avoiding any steel blade.

I am so happy!

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