10 minute Chicken Exquisite! From start to finish!


20150527_185203 20150527_183850




This is so easy and takes only 4-5 minutes in the pan. 10 minutes is the total time! Whole Foods had chicken breasts for 2.99 a pound so I bought 3 packs of it. I froze 2 of them.
I was tired of the same chicken breast dishes that are baked or pan fried. They tend to be dry in the middle too. I remembered the Roman way they do veal and chicken and it had total appeal to me last night. Pounding the meat thin makes it cook real fast and you can scrape those brown bits, deglazing with Marsala or Sherry (can use broth, wine or water) which adds to the yumminess.

boneless chicken breasts – 1 breast becomes double in size after pounding thin to 1/4 inch between plastic wrap
1 or 2 roughly chopped garlic cloves
2 tbsp olive oil
fresh sage leaves- 5-10
Marsala or Sherry
balsamic glaze (optional)
Sea Salt
cracked pepper

heat the oil in the pan
add the garlic, sage leaves then chicken. Flip after 2 minutes. When pan dries up deglaze with marsala and cook until it evaporates. When golden brown on both sides remove from pan.
drizzle with balsamic and serve hot.
It’s delicious with artichokes or roasted vegetables and a green salad.

wine pairing:

white: Pinot Grigio or

red: Barbera

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