Fire Roasted Bell Peppers- Peperoni in Italian – On Grill or Gas Stove

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These are the baby bells but I do them the same way as the normal size bell peppers.
This is one of my Italian husbands’ favorite foods! He loves thes as do most Italians and he always notices if I don’t do them on the open flame-(under the broiler). You just don’t get that same smoky flavor.

They are so easy but my new roasting tray makes it a lot easier to clean up. I used to roast them right on the open flame of the gas burner but it makes such a mess.

Roasted Bell Peppers – Peperoni in Italian- no it’s not a meat pizza topping

Bell Peppers- small or large
chopped fresh garlic
extra virgin olive oil
sea salt and fresh cracked pepper

put the peppers so the flame is touching them on gas stove or grill or grill tray.
turn until black on all sides
place in a paper bag to let steam 15 minutes
remove from bad and peel what easily comes off of peppers.
I actually like the charred pieces.
I remove most of the black on the big ones and cut in half removing the seeds.
On the small ones I peel little off and leave whole. There aren’t many seeds inside. That’s why these are easier.
Then put on a serving platter with chopped garlic and olive oil drizzled over
Sprinkle with salt and pepper to taste

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