Best Tiramisu`


I have researched many Tiramisu` recipes from Milan to Rome to Santa Barbara and Chattanooga and worldwide with the internet and came up with my favorite version of this dessert. It has liquor but not too much, cookie is soaked through so there are no dry spots and the cream is in it’s purest form and oh soooo creamy and delicious. You want to taste the flavor of the mascarpone which is the Italian decadent cheese that this recipe is founded upon.

The Best Tiramisu`

6 eggs, yolks from freshest eggs possible- you won’t have to worry about salmonella bacteria but you can do this step over gently boiling water if you are concerned. I never do it and I’ve never been sick.
1 cup sugar
16 oz mascarpone- usually it’s 2 containers
2 tbsp sweet Marsala
4 tbsp Kahlua
1 cup freshly made espresso coffee or strong coffee
About 16-24 savoiardi biscuits – 1- 8 oz package
Cocoa powder, to dust and or high quality dark chocolate curls

Beat the egg yolks with the sugar until pale yellow, thick and voluminous- you should have ribbons falling from the blade that dissolves into the batter. When the beaters are lifted, a bit of the mixture falls from it and forms a ribbon, which slowly dissolves on the surface.

Whisk in the mascarpone, a little at a time, until smooth and well combined
Stir the booze into the coffee and pour into a shallow dish. Dip each biscuit into the liquid until it is a pale coffee color. I count 2 seconds each side.

Arrange the dipped cookies to cover the base of a shallow glass dish.
Spoon a third of the mascarpone mixture on top, followed by a good sprinkle of cocoa.
Repeat the layers, finishing with a layer of the cream and cocoa.
Cover and refrigerate for six hours before serving
Dust again with a little more cocoa to make it look awesome and/or chocolate curls made with a vegetable peeler.








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