Really! 1 Minute Fabulous Homemade Tomato Sauce!

tomato sauceThis is so much better than the sugary  sauce out of the bottle! Well you can get a semi decent one for 8 or more dollars.

I was in a hurry, had no car to buy groceries and I had no fresh garlic so I just took my trusty crushed tomato sauce and added  granulated garlic, dried minced onions and salt and voila! It tasted great! I didn’t even have evoo which I always use!  So it was even less calories! and oil free!  To make really delicious though I would add a drizzle of good evoo.

These are  one of my favorite brands in Italy but I found Hunts crushed (with or without basil) to be very good and the best value.

So all you do is dump a small or big can of crushed tomatoes in a pan, sprinkle a tsp or tbsp of granulated garlic, tsp or tbsp dehydrated onion and the same for salt. If you have fresh herbs you can throw them in but this tasted great and only took a minute!  Just heat until its hot and your done in one minute!  Great for pizza, pasta sauce or whenever you need marinara sauce- So save money and time!


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