Decadent Maple Pecan Pie – no corn syrup- no lard!

Best Pecan Pie ever!

Real Maple Syrup and Coconut oil Crust make it a champion of health and deliciousness!


I’m in Kentucky cooking for my 90 year old Uncle Bill and since he loves pecan pie and we want to keep him alive much longer so I experimented with a non- toxic version of  one of my favorite decadent desserts.  

How obvious to put real maple syrup instead of  GMO chemical corn syrup!  Maple is a marriage made in heaven for pecans!  And coconut oil instead of lard (crisco) for the crust keeps it flakey and I love the subtle coconut flavor it adds.  I made the crust with butter but there is a non dairy version- There is butter in the Pecan pie too so what’s the point?

Recipe for the  clean Maple Pecan pie from epicurious:

Recipe for the  Coconut Oil Crust from Yesterfood – with or without dairy:

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