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Amazing Light and Gluten Free Kale – leeks – batter fried in Olive Oil!

Fried Kale
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Fried Leeks

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I ate these amazing fried leeks at the Boathouse in Chattanooga and the nice waitress revealed they were fried in half olive oil and half peanut oil. They said they used rice flour to make gluten free.I used 100% olive oil as I am somewhat of a fanatic. When you live in southern Italy for 10 years where Olives are grown and oil is pressed you appreciate the health benefits and optimal flavor.

kale or leeks chopped in bite size peices
1 cup gluten free flour or mix
cold water
olive oil, peanut oil or both mixed half half


Heat about 1/2 inch oil in pan
Mix flour with water until a thin paste is formed- the runnier the lighter it is
Throw the kale or leeks in and mix.
With a slotted spoon drop just enough to fill the pan but not crowd it- needs space to fry and you don’t want the temp of the oil to lower too much.
flip over after couple minutes.
remove onto paper towels when golden brown and salt immediately with sea salt.

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