mastro ciccioI’m Jane Biscarini – yes I married into the name and I know I don’t look Italian but I speak it pretty well after living there for 15 years.  I’ve lived and learned the food cultures of Lake Como,  Milan (where Peppo my husband is from), Florence , Manfredonia (in Puglia) and Rome the longest  – 8 years

I have loved to cook ever since I was little (I mostly baked cookies and cakes so I could eat the dough 🙂 I come from a family of Foodies – We all love to cook and share it with friends!

I am passionate about Italian food- I just love the freshness of the vegetables and how they celebrate the seasons by using what is fresh, local and in season – not what has been travelling in a truck for 1000 miles!  The food is bursting with flavor!  I also love sharing the secrets to making great Italian meals without a lot of fuss. I like simple and seasonal, from Farm to Table as much as possible.

I do get carried away at times if I fail at a dish or realize it can be done better.  I will continue to practice and research until I get it right, gleaning from as many experts as I can. With that said you may notice a variant in a recipe;that means I’ve made it better! I rely mostly on the Italian sites  for help if I don’t have access to one of my Italian cooking friends.  Right now I’m back in the States since we got stuck here after seeing our new baby granddaughter.  Who knows maybe next year we will be back in Rome?  We are in Chattanooga Tennessee for now.

Buon Appetito!

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