Amberjack Fish speared by my husband in the Lousianna Gulf & Easy Mango Coconut ,lime, jalapeno sauce


Now that I live in the middle of the USA I really appreciate fresh fish; I took this for granted living in Southern California and then Italy where fresh fish reigns and the average person knows fresh from not so fresh. I learned from my Ligurian (Cinque Terre) raised husband to use few spices with fresh fish. The great thing about freshly caught fish is that less is more, meaning you want to keep it simple so as to taste the flavor of the fish. Fish that’s fried or cooked with lots of sauce and spice is often a way restaurants camouflage its age. The best part is that makes cooking it so easy and fast!

Recipe for Super Fast and Easy Fresh Fish Filet with Thai inspired sauce

3 to 4 filets of fresh fish
1/2 cup mango puree- bottled or smash a mango with a fork and season with salt , pepper and lime juice
1 jalapeno minced
2 green onions sliced
1 to 2 tbsp.coconut oil
sea salt and fresh cracked pepper

Heat the coconut oil in a skillet then add the fish filet. Flip when half way cooked.
That’s it!
Then to plate:
drizzle the mango on each plate or one serving platter
Place filet on top
sprinkle salt and cracked pepper
finish it off with a sprinkling jalapeno and green onion

You can serve it with coconut rice or green salad

Fresh Fish in garlicky tomato sauce- Italian style!



Fresh Caught Red Snapper in from the Louisiana Shores!

When you are landlocked and 7 hours from any ocean it’s pretty exciting to get fresh fish! My husband and son went spearfishing -(a 9 hour drive from Chattanooga) and came home with this beauty and a few others too. Being from San Diego and then living 12 years in Italy I always had access to fresh fish and now I really appreciate it since it’s so hard to come by. The hardest part about cooking any fresh fish is the cleaning and filleting which the boys graciously did for me. Then because it is so fresh you really need nothing but olive oil and garlic, salt and pepper. You want to taste the fish, not have it overrun by sauce. Typically restaurants will sauce it up to cover an aging fish and diminish the fishiness of it. But fresh fish (I mean caught and cooked within 2 days) is delicious on it’s own and to be appreciated for it’s flavor. I had 4 of these big guys so I had the luxury of cooking some in just olive oil and garlic, and some I added the tomatoes and then I did one cooked in coconut milk which was fantastic! I also cooked the heads to make fish soup which my family loves and it was bursting with flavor! They were licking the pot afterward.

Fresh Fish Filet Recipe:

Take your clean, rinsed fish fillet and pat it dry with paper towels
Heat a large fry pan with olive oil then add some chopped garlic. I put 3 cloves.
Add the fish and leave undisturbed at least 2 minutes so it sears the meat and doesn’t stick to the pan.
You can add fresh chopped or canned tomatoes at this point or not.
Depending how thick the fish is determines how long to cook it.
I cooked this fish about 4 minutes on first side then 6 minutes on other side until it flaked easily with a fork and was white inside not pink.
Add sea salt and fresh cracked pepper and that’s it! You can garnish with fresh Italian parsley or rosemary or whatever you have around. With a green salad you have a great, healthy, low calorie meal!
E si Mangia! ( and you eat)

note: The brown meat running through the center is a natural part of the fish  which is bitter to eat.  It is easily removed after cooking.