See Rome with Laura! My Roman friend and best guide for Rome, Italy!

Laura can show you the city streets, the secret places off the beaten path, the local trattorias, Osterias and restaurants …

Your private tour guide in Rome


my name is Laura Garassini

I am a licensed tour guide in Rome. I’m an archeologist /art historian. I earned my degree and studied in the historical center of Rome, so my knowledge of Rome ranges from its origin to today. I am Roman!
I deeply love my marvelous city, where I was born and currently live. I would like to allow you to experience not only the most known sites, like Colosseum and S. Peter, but also the less known ones, illustrating the personal itineraries, telling not only the artistic and historical aspects but also the stories and legends. I work with sketches and images to explain the sites more thoroughly.
Would you like to know the history of the Colosseum, the most famous stadium of antiquity and live the day of a roman gladiator? Or would you prefer to understand what the Roman Forum was, walking with me through the roads of ancient Rome, listening to the history of this small village founded on the Palatine hill becoming the most important empire of antiquity? Would you like to walk the Capitoline hill, the elegant square drawn by Michelangelo Buonarroti? Would you like to discover the secrets of the Pantheon, the best preserved temple of ancient Rome, and then visit the marvelous Piazza Navona, the jewel of the Baroque period, with its churches and fountains? Would you like a guide to discover Via Margutta, the road of the unforgettable movie Roman Holiday and then walk like Audrey Hepburn along the Spanish steps to reach the Trevi fountain? Or do you want to know everything about the paintings by Caravaggio in the churches of Rome? These are only some of my suggestions for you.
Contact me by e-mail for more information about me and my activity, or to be contacted when my web site is ready. Rome, the eternal city, marvelous in every season of the year, is waiting for you.

My e mail is:

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